March 21, Mother Nature’s Cooperation

Our fig tree senses coming Spring
And longer sunlight it will bring.
First March came in with clouds and rain.
But now clear skies are brightening.

The seasons change, then change again
And gardens sing their old refrain.
Our fig tree sprouts new leaves of green,
As Mother Nature’s laws ordain.

New leaves, with new figs in between,
We watch rebirth, the Spring’s routine:
The sun, the rains, the gentle breeze,
In Mother Nature’s springtime scene.

Do you remember Mendel’s peas?
From pollens carried by the bees,
Cooperation’s at the core
Of new fruit on our plants and trees.

Some think of Nature as a war
That’s “red in tooth and claw…” and gore.
Though that is so, it’s not the scheme,
For any but the carnivore.

Since life arose, the constant theme,
As life evolved, (do I blaspheme?)
Cooperation’s been the rule,
From first microbes, and on downstream.

Cooperation is the rule
And evolution is the tool
Expanding life’s genetic pool.
It’s time that we teach that in school.