March 21, Trump’s Finances

Trump’s finances aren’t looking sunny;
His sphincters are all getting runny.
Found guilty of fraud,
(His records were flawed.)
And Tish James says, “Show me the money!”

With Donald’s finances so bearish,
Is Trump really not billionairish?
Trump lived with panache
On other folks’ cash
But now, his condition’s nightmarish.

He’s guilty of gross defamation,
Of deflation and then inflation.
Trump’s cooking the books,
That’s standard for crooks,
They all practice disinformation.

On the hook for near half a billion,
Put differently, five hundred million,
All Trump’s lawyers said,
He ain’t got the bread.
Caught lying, Trump’s turning vermillion.

What’s next? It’s Trump’s hush money trial,
For conduct most Christians call vile:
The ladies he laid
And porn star he paid,
Concupiscence is Trump’s lifestyle.

What if Donald Trump is convicted
And, if Trish James has him evicted,
Will verdicts in court
Diminish support
Or will Trumpists remain addicted?

Might Donald Trump wind up in prison
From another jury’s decision?
If broke and in jail,
Will his campaign fail?
And even mean his demolition?

Will Donald Trump now come to Jesus?
Admitting he’s not rich as Croesus?
We know he’s corrupt
And might go bankrupt,
All due to Tish James’ exegesis.