March 25, Reprieve?

Once again, Donald Trump has been reprieved.
His bond is reduced and he feels relieved.
He had a whole month to pay what he owes.
He’ll pay in ten days, unless we’re deceived.

He had a whole month to pay through the nose.
But Donald delayed; that’s just how it goes.
A court of appeals just gave him more time.
But Donald does not yet smell like a rose.

How might Trump’s poking influence plain folks?
Will they think Trump’s pokes are just different strokes?
Will excess poking affect his support?
Will Fundamentalists say, “Holy Smokes!”?

Donald Trump’s sex life is a contact sport.
But, with a porn star? (Yes, that’s the report.)
Though Donald paid her to keep her mouth shut,
The story got out and now Trump’s in court.

In this court and that court, Trump’s in a rut.
Civil and criminal, Trump’s life is smut.
So, will this have an effect on the vote?
Will truth finally kick Trump in the butt?

Will voting act as a Trump antidote?
Or in the courts where he finally gets smote?
Might Donald wind up in jail or flat broke?
Stay tuned, for this game is getting cutthroat.

Amusing footnote:
Our language can tell the truth or blow smoke,
But now, by accident, a master stroke…
A witness in Donald’s hush money case
Is named David Pecker: really, no joke.