March 30, Bibles for Sale (May be sung to Rock of Ages)

Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John.
In Trump’s Mar A Lago john, (with assorted classified documents)
Not for reading but for sale,
Paying fines and funding bail,
And hush money that Trump paid,
For the porn star that he laid.

Trump incurred attorney’s fees
For his life of crime and sleaze.
No need for Beatitudes, (Matthew 5: 1-12)
These are not Trump’s attitudes,
Words that Donald does not heed.
He prefers his life of greed.

Ten Commandments, rules for life, (Exodus 20” 2-17, Deuteronomy 5: 6-21)
Like “Be faithful to your wife,
“Do not lie and do not steal….”
How do these make Donald feel?
For the Donald’s temperament:
Hostile work environment.

To keep Donald out of jail,
Buy Trump Bibles, now on sale.
You’ll read of the Savior’s birth; (Luke 2: 1-20)
Trump builds treasure here on Earth. (That’s a no-no. Matthew 6: 19-21)
For our sins, Christ shed his blood; (Matthew 26: 27-28)
Donald’s sins would take a flood.

Trump says it’s his favorite book, (current commercial on TV)
And, since he is on the hook
For enormous fines for fraud,
He now sells the Word of God,
Donald must refill his cache;
Trump’s salvation is your cash.

Donald sells the Words of Christ.
(Naturally, they’re overpriced.)
What the Bible means to him
Is more Trumpist flam and flim.
Words of Jesus, Words of God,
Just the latest Trumpist fraud.