April 1, Trump as Dictator

Donald Trump’s running to be our dictator,
Already a “rule of law” masticator.
He praises Putin, hopes to emulate him,
Becoming the Constitution’s castrator.

Hearing the Donald’s word salad verbatim:
Perhaps psychiatrists should medicate him.
Treasonous fraudster, and serial liar,
Now, ask yourself, “How could I venerate him?”

Trump’s in a self-imposed, legal quagmire,
But he’s still followed, though pants are on fire.
Criminal charges stalled by his delaying,
What is it in Trump supporters admire?

Christians, accepting all that Donald’s saying,
Ignoring the excess ladies he’s laying.
Still, for some reason, they still send him money,
Though Trump’s no Christian; he’s preying, not praying.

Adultery with a porn star and bunny,
Yet, for the Trumpists, his image stays sunny.
A mystery how Trump still stays appealing.
Do you think Donald Trump’s wife calls him, “Honey?”

Is Donald’s following reaching its ceiling?
What is the limit of lying and stealing?
Will we elect him to be our dictator?
What’s that say of us? What is it revealing?