March 31, “Indicated”

March 31, “Indicated”


Donald tweets that he’s been “indicated,” (1)

And asserts that he’ll be vindicated.

But when courts and the law

Are through rubbing him raw,

Trump will realize he’s fornicated.


The ex-president has been indicted.

Both the right and the left are excited.

Donald, caught with pants down,

And his shorts turning brown,

Has left all “Never Trumpers” delighted.


Trump’s most loyal, right-wing politicians

Are now filling Trump’s base with suspicions

That it’s all politics

And left wing dirty tricks,

As they take sycophantic positions.


Will Trump’s base now be goaded to riot?

We all know Donald Trump won’t keep quiet.

Was 1-6 just a start?

Might guns now play a part?

All the things that Trump says sure imply it.


Although Donald continues to bluster,

His old Teflon coat’s losing its luster.

As he looks all around,

Prosecutors abound

And he’s feeling like George Armstrong Custer.


Donald has a great need for attention.

But we know that he feels apprehension.

This is not just a sport;

If he loses in court,

Donald knows he is facing detention.


This indictment is just the beginning.

Until now, Donald thought he was winning.

Soon, indictments galore

May shake Trump to his core

And it started with his penile sinning.


  • Truth Social tweet, March 30, 2023.