March 30, Stand Up! Stand Up For Donald  (parody to hymn ‘Stand up! Stand up for Jesus’)

March 30, Stand Up! Stand Up For Donald  (1)


Stand up!  Stand up for Donald; he is our rightful boss.

Lift high your blue Trump banners and don’t concede the loss.

Claim victory after victory, deluded but believed.

‘Til every fact is vanquished and all have been deceived.


Stand up!  Stand up for Donald; do not admit he lost.

We’ll mount an insurrection, though prison is the cost.

In lawsuit after lawsuit, Trump’s cases were thrown out.  (2)

No evidence presented but victory’s not in doubt.


Stand up!  Stand up for Donald.  Deny that he’s a fraud.

Lift high his royal banners; he is our demigod.

From falsehood unto falsehood, Trump’s statements all deceive;

Though he may be indicted, his base will still believe.


Stand up!  Stand up for firearms, although mass shootings rise;

Then bow your head in silence each time a schoolchild dies.

Mass shooting to mass shooting: the guns are not to blame.

All good, believing Trumpists reject the liberals’ claim.


Stand up!  Stand up for firearms; get your AR15s.

They’re perfect for mass murders, first cause of death in teens.

Oppose all regulations the liberal mind contrives.

The right to guns is holy, more so than children’s lives.


Stand up!  Stand up for Fox News, though they broadcast BS.

They know that they are lying, as their emails confess.

They celebrate the Donald to keep their audience.

They’re lying just for profits; to Fox, that just makes sense.


Stand up for insurrection, though it’s clear Biden won.

Invade the halls of Congress; it’s wild and lots of fun.

We’ll beat up on the police, break in and take a dump

And though we might face prison, we’ll do it all for Trump.


  • May be sung to, “Stand up! Stand up for Jesus,” (1858) by George Duffield, Jr.  Music by George James Webb.  It is based on the dying words of the minister, Dudley Atkins Tyng, who was removed from his pulpit for giving a sermon against slavery.  He died a few days after a farm accident.  Usually only three verses are sung but more may be, if the spirit moves.

There are lots of examples on YouTube.

  • Trump and his supporters lost 61 court challenges to the validity of the election. No evidence of fraud was ever presented.