March 28, Riker’s  Prison Blues (parody to ‘Folsom Prison Blues’)

March 28, Riker’s  Prison Blues  (1)


I feel indictments coming; they’re just around the bend,

The gears of justice humming, it’s never gonna’ end.

I’m leading in the polling but time keeps movin’ on.

The justice train keeps rolling and will until I’m gone.


When I was just in high school, my father told me, “Son,”

“You need to go to my school; don’t be just anyone.

“So learn this when you’re youthful: just go ahead and lie.

“No point in being truthful when lies will get you by.”


Mike Cohen and Dave Pecker: two Jews will bring me down.

What I did with my pecker, they spread all over town.

A porn star and a Playmate would not keep their mouths shut.

Each time I make a play date, it bites me in the butt.


Can I stay out of prison? Can I beat the rap this time?

That’s not what Bragg envisions; he calls what I did a crime.

The liberals are excited; they hope I won’t be free.

They think I’ll be indicted and that’s what tortures me.


  • Sing to “Folsom Prison Blues,” by Johnny Cash, (1953) recorded, 1955.