March 27, Craziness

March 27, Craziness


Will Trump, like Jesus Christ, be persecuted during Lent? (1)

A MAGA lawyer tells us Donald Trump is heaven sent.

Though Trump may “die” symbolically, he’s sure to rise again.

For Donald Trump is like the Lord; he has the Christ within.

If Trump is a messiah, ask yourself, “Who will he save?”

He seems to care just for himself; just listen to him rave.


Some parents down in Florida think “David” is obscene.

That’s Michelangelo’s great work, their student has just seen. (2)

A picture of this masterpiece was shown in an art course,

A famous nude: pornography?  In Florida…of course!

But where was the pornography about which they opined?

Most likely the obscenity grew out of their own mind.


And all throughout the nation, MAGA minions and book bans (3)

Remind us of the Nazis of the ‘30s and their plans.

Is it inflammatory to bring up these long gone times?

Is it just too extreme, comparing these old Nazi crimes?

As Heinrich Heine warned us, such hate lights a fatal fuse. (4)

You might recall book burnings led to burning of the Jews.


A new Messiah, banning books, and classic art, obscene,

Such thoughts, throughout our past and present, sadly are routine.

Hallucinations, bigotry, discomfort caused by art,

Are all part of our history, from Hitler to Mozart.

All sprout in Homo sapiens, a huge variety.

It’s up to us to nurture what’s best for society.


  1. Trumpist attorney, Joseph D. McBride made this claim on March 18, quoted in many of the news media.
  2. On March 18, parents in a Tallahassee, FL charter school complained that showing Michelangelo’s “David,” and Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” which had been shown in an art class, was pornographic. This was first reported in the local newspaper, The Tallahassee Democrat, and picked up by many news media.  The school’s principal was forced to resign.
  3. In 2022, a record 1200 challenges to books in school and public libraries were recorded by the American Library Association on March 23. This number more than doubled the previous record, set in 2021.  The challenges are heavily weighted against racial and gender identity themes.
  4. Heinrich Heine, commenting on Nazi book burnings in 1933, wrote, “Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt auch am Ende, Menchen.” (Where one burns books, in the end, one burns people.) The Nazis proved him correct.