March 25, Trump’s Mental Disease

March 25, Trump’s Mental Disease


Our nation may be bleeding out from Donald Trump’s disease.

His narcissism cripples him and brings us to our knees.

He thinks laws don’t apply to him and shows us every day.

His lawyers must get lawyers; that’s what all the comics say.


The Donald tells lies constantly to get what he desires

And breaks laws almost every day; that’s what his crowd admires.

And now the Donald’s melting down, indictments drawing nigh

From Bragg and Willis and Jack Smith, most based on Trump’s Big Lie.


Trump sent a flood of unhinged tweets, that call folks vile names,

Which 1-6 showed could cause our nation to burst into flames.

“Investigate investigators!” Donald’s minions shout.

Right now it’s just a war of words; will it be a shoot-out?


Is Donald’s craziness contagious; is it in his genes?

(And who’s the greater danger to us, Donald or drag queens?)

When Donald calls for violence, supporters send death threats

To Congressmen and to DAs: what craziness begets.


Trump’s narcissism won’t permit him to admit he lost,

So Trump concocted his Big Lie and at horrendous cost.

Our nation has been ripped apart by all of Donald’s lies:

Right wingers, “Yea,” left wingers, “Nay,” deep wounds to cauterize.


So one man’s mental illness has been tearing us apart.

Trumpism has turned out to be a spear that nicked our heart.

Trump’s narcissism threatens to kill our democracy.

For one man’s craziness, that is a deadly legacy.


Dishonesty, insanity: pick either attribute,

Then prison or insane asylum: pick your institute.

You simply cannot argue Trump belongs in government,

Nor do the politicians of Trump’s loyal regiment.


One man’s insanity has gripped our nation by the throat.

Democracy is threatened just because Trump lost the vote.

Can we maintain our self-respect, to bow and then decide

To toss democracy aside to salve a nut job’s pride?