March 23, Republican Principles

March 23, Republican Principles


Republican principles are on display,

Complaining to all their outrage and dismay,

That Trump may now get what he’s richly deserved,

Indictment for crimes from a widespread array.


Yes, Trump may now get what he’s richly deserved;

Some semblance of justice may now be preserved.

Will Trump be convicted of any or all

Of the crimes and misdeeds which we’ve all observed?


But first, we all know his attorneys will stall.

Fox News and Republicans bellow and bawl,

That, “These prosecutions are all politics.

(“They slog through the same sewers in which we crawl.”)


Prosecutions driven by pure politics

Have been documented in Trump’s dirty tricks.

Though Trump does not, Democrats ought to play fair:

And buy Tucker’s view of events on 1-6.


It’s Donald Trump’s new definition of fair:

He gets what he wants; it’s a crime?  He won’t care.

Therefore, it’s not fair to hold him to account

For ladies he paid off to hide an affair.


And no one should hold Donald Trump to account

For either the women that he tried to mount

Or crimes he committed or lies he has told,

Republicans say those are fair to discount.


If Trump cannot tell all the lies he has told,

He can’t amass power, the ladies, and gold.

Republicans say all this should be allowed.

That’s just Donald’s style; he’s just being bold.


Republicans know, unless lying’s allowed,

Their base will evaporate into a cloud.

And they’ll never win an election again.

They must please the MAGAts of Trump’s loyal crowd.