March 21a, Arrested?

March 21a, Arrested?


Though it’s Tuesday, Trump was not arrested,

Not indicted, not even molested.

Though he said, “Woe is me,”

Trump is still roaming free;

Our society is still infested.


Still, it looks like Trump’s getting indicted,

Making Democrats, therefore delighted.

Will Trump turn himself in,

Face the music and then

Go on trial, image tarnished and blighted?


And, if further indictments are coming

For Trump’s conduct that’s most unbecoming,

Donald may be in court

And with dwindling support,

For the rest of his life; that’s mind-numbing.


Could Trump spend his last years in the pokey?

Such a thought makes his underwear “soaky.”

As they say, “It depends”

But Trump wearing Depends,

For the Democrats is okey dokey.


And, for Donald’s most loyal supporters,

Those who take all his tweets as their orders,

Are they mentally sick?

Donald Trump is a dick.

They’re much more like athletic supporters.