March 21, “Woke”

March 21, “Woke”


To be “woke” means you’re aware of some inequalities,

Those based on gender, race, religion, or ethnicities.

Republicans dislike woke; inequality’s their game.

Whenever anything goes wrong, then woke will get the blame. (1)


The sum of dumb, plus selfish rich, plus those who can be fooled

Is insufficient, nationwide, to win when they are pooled.

Appealing to the bigot vote will just get you so far.

You can’t “tack to the middle,” anti-woke steers you afar. (2)


Trump’s MAGAts are all anti-woke and some, pro-QAnon.

They lead a life of fantasy and fall for Donald’s con.

Fool all the people sometimes and fool some folks all the time; (3)

That’s been the Donald’s strategy in his long life of slime.


Embracing anti-woke makes you deny reality.

For prejudice is obvious, an actuality.

So, anti-woke means you oppose all change to make things fair.

If things aren’t truly fair, the anti-woke will never care.


And then, of course, abortion, science, new (and old) vaccines,

And, God forbid that anyone should tolerate drag queens,

Modernity is not for them; so why should they concede?

The privileges of white and male are what their god decreed.


So, are you “woke,” are you aware of inequalities,

Those based on gender, race, religion, and ethnicities?

And, why would anyone oppose us teaching that in school?

“…to form a more perfect union,” woke’s an essential tool. (4)


  • Read Republican and Fox News “explanations” for the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank.
  • It is a typical strategy in politics to first try to win the extremes of your party in the primary elections, then “tack back to the middle,” for the general election, assuming you win the primary.
  • This is from a statement supposedly made by Abraham Lincoln in 1858. His exact words, as recalled by those who heard the speech, were not exactly that.  The history of this “quote,” is complex and unclear.
  • The preamble to the US Constitution begins, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,…” Should we try to do that?