June 6, Evangelicals and Trump

June 6, Evangelicals and Trump


Why do the evangelicals buy into Trump’s Big Lie?

Though Donald Trump’s no Christian, not one bit, he’s still their guy.

If we are all God’s children, do some bear an asterisk?

Should dark skin be a signal for the cops to stop and frisk?


The Holy Scriptures tell us that the Lord God made us all,

They don’t say, “Keep us white, suppress the vote, and build a wall.”

The Holy Scriptures do not mention white supremacy,

Nor tell the evangelicals, “…oppose democracy.”


So why back Donald Trump, a liar, cheat, incompetent?

Just read his history, hear what he says; it’s evident.

When will the evangelicals conclude that they’ve been played,

Just like a herd of sheep on which Trump, like a wolf, has preyed?


Is Trump’s Supreme Court worth it?  Will it throw out Roe v Wade?

Some Christians sold their souls for it; was that a noble trade?

Should we outlaw abortions, even after rape? Incest?

Was pregnancy from rape ordained by God?  Has it been blessed?


And, why so anti science?  What of things the Bible missed,

Like evolution, the Big Bang, germ theory, a long list?

The Bible doesn’t mention vaccines, so are they all sins?

When you oppose reality, we all lose; no one wins.


So Trump is no Messiah; he lacks every attribute.

He saves nobody but himself; he’s just a selfish brute.

Hey, evangelicals, wise up!  The ball is in your court.

Although the word’s distasteful, Trump is whom you should abort.