June 10, Putin Agrees

June 10, Putin Agrees


Now President Vladimir Putin has joined

The Big Lie of Trump that Joe Biden purloined

November’s election that Trump claims he won,

For “everyone knows” Trump is our favorite son.


And “Senator” Putin is joining with Mitch

And other Republicans making the pitch

That Trump’s insurrection had been justified

By fraudulent voting (though not verified.)


No need to determine who stirred up the thugs,

Or roll more logs over to find all the bugs,

For members of Congress just might be deposed

And active collusion just might be exposed.


So Putin’s supporting what Donald maintained.

Republicans close ranks to show they’re well-trained.

With Trump’s restoration in August this year,

They know they will soon have a reason to cheer.


Democracy’s threatened; right-wingers say, “Fine.

“Raw power’s the issue.  If you see decline,

“And there is no fraud but you’re still losing votes,

“Let President Putin suggest antidotes.”


“If you choose the voters and keep some away,

“You’ll have nothing to fear on election day.

“To hold on to power, just say that you won.

“There’s no need for waiting ‘til counting is done.”


“And, it’s getting clear that you need to dump Don,

For, not enough people bought into his con.

“You need someone smarter as your figurehead.”

“If you stick with Donald, the GOP’s dead.”