June 12, Spying on the Democrats

June 12, Spying on the Democrats


Are William Barr’s testicles in a vise?

And, has the shit just hit the fan?

Will Jeff Sessions also now pay a price,

Joining Barr in the frying pan?


These two Trump AGs spied on Democrats

And Press to discover the leaks

On Trump’s work with Russians.  Who were the rats

Who leaked and what were their techniques?


Trump AGs subpoenaed records from phones

Of Adam Schiff, even a kid.

And, now it is time that each one atones

For heinous things that they did.


Confronted, Barr’s now an amnesiac.

Jeff Sessions said nothing, so far.

Subpoenas they issued—who could keep track?

Mendacious, as well as bizarre.


Colluding with Russians, Trump’s strategy?

Or was it all Vladimir’s plan?

Campaigning in ‘16 in synergy,

It’s time retribution began.


So, let us tighten the jaws of the vise

In which we now have Bill Barr’s balls.

And, as Trump once said, “And don’t be too nice,”

Amnesia?  Squeeze ‘til Barr recalls.