June 13, Louie Gohmert  (News item: Congressional Hearing, June 8, 2021)(parody to “Yellow Rose of Texas”)

 June 13, Louie Gohmert  (News item: Congressional Hearing, June 8, 2021) (1)


There’s a dumb guy down in Texas; (2)

They call him, Louie G.

For lots of folks in Texas,

That’s no anomaly.

The voters down in Texas

Made him a Congressman.

He’s thinking about climate change

And came up with a plan.


To deal with global warming,

Move further from the sun.

Then take on rising oceans

Right after that is done.

He’s heard high tides are caused by

Strong lunar gravity.

So Louie says, “Let’s move the moon

“So it won’t move the sea.”


Once we have changed both orbits,

Our problems will be solved.

Once we asked Louie Gohmert,

Our problems just dissolved.

There are no complex problems

That Louie can’t reduce.

We never know what we may learn

When we let Louie loose.


  • In a Congressional hearing on June 8, 2021, Rep. Louie Gohmert, (R) Texas, asked if we could deal with global warming and solar flares by moving the orbits of the Earth and the Moon.  There is active psychiatric debate about what this indicates about the functioning of the Gohmert mind.  Some compare this question to Donald Trump’s musings about treating Covid 19 with Clorox and/or UV light shined into various orifices.
  • To make this more fun, sing it to “The Yellow Rose of Texas.”