June 4, Obstruction

June 4, Obstruction


Can Biden be bipartisan when Mitch wants to obstruct?

Republicans, defeated, do not want to reconstruct.

Though infrastructure may decay, they don’t want to rebuild,

So, sewers burst and bridges crack and voting rights are chilled.


A lot of craziness was fertilized by Trump’s Big Lie:

The January 6th attack, we saw five people die.

Trump’s base is crazy but Republicans depend on them

For re-election, consequently they bow down to him.


Republicans cannot permit Joe Biden to succeed.

So, even if their own states suffer, they will not concede

That anything Joe wants to do might benefit us all.

They’ll follow Mitch McConnell’s lead: obstruct, delay, forestall.


The problem in the Senate is the filibuster tool,

For, with the filibuster, the minority can rule.

Republicans may lose elections but stay in control.

And, holding on to power is McConnell’s only goal.


Negotiate proposals down, then vote against the bill.

Is that bipartisan?  No, it is just a way to kill.

Joe saw them do it to Obama and Obamacare,

And now it’s voting rights and infrastructure they’ll ensnare.


Will Kyrsten Sinema and Manchin let a Senate rule

That’s not a law or in the Constitution, serve to fuel

McConnell’s opposition to whatever Biden tries,

Let Mitch obstruct just to obstruct, while infrastructure dies?


Not one Republican supported Joe’s Covid relief.

“Why not?”  It’s fair to ask; were they content with all the grief?

Opposed to vaccination, unemployment benefits?

Or is their opposition just to give Joe Biden fits?


Can Biden be bipartisan when Mitch wants to obstruct?

When is it more important to tear down than to construct?