January 22, Choices

Joe Biden’s old but competent
And Trump’s a crazy putz.
The nation’s choice for president:
Old Joe or Trump (who’s nuts.)

Important difference twixt the two:
Trump’s only goal, revenge.
Trump made it clear what he will do;
We can’t just sit and cringe.

Trump has a very loyal base,
Whose minds have jumped the tracks,
Their reason floating out in space,
Ignoring all the facts.

Hallucinating victory
In 2020’s vote,
Trump charges it was robbery,
They mouth his words by rote.

Trump’s speeches on the campaign trail
Make clear his mental state.
And don’t forget he’s out on bail
Will prison be his fate?

Still, some seem stuck on Biden’s age,
Which nobody denies.
Will independents disengage,
Thus backing Donald’s lies?

Has Donald Trump been sent by God,
As some supporters claim?
They say Jehovah backs this fraud.
That’s blasphemy, for shame!

So, now we have our choice defined:
Joe’s old but his mind’s clear.
Trump’s crazy and a crook, combined;
A man that we should fear.