January 24, Kissing the “Ring”

January 24, Kissing the “Ring”

They’re flying down to kiss Trump’s “ring.”

(A new way to spell, “ass.”)

They know the song that they must sing

With nose in Trump’s crevasse.

Converted Trumpists kneeling down:

What best explains their fears?

Besides their noses getting brown,

Trump might end their careers.

If you agree to genuflect,

What does that say of you?

Does your obeisance now reflect

You really have no clue?

Since all of Trump’s egregious flaws

Make him unfit to lead,

Why don’t they give more Trumpists pause;

What more proof do they need?

If insurrection, lies, and fraud

Are not enough for them,

Plus women he’s defamed and pawed,

Are Trumpist brains just dim?

And what about Trump’s mental state,

Confusion, garbled words?

Such maladies may not abate

But sheep stay in his herd.

If Trump’s convicted of a crime,

Or maybe ninety-one, (1)

And if he’s sentenced to do time,

Will that move anyone?

For now, they line up, kiss the “ring,”

Accepting all Trump’s lies,

Content with Donald Trump as king,

And all that crown implies.