February 8, Congressional Inpasse

Our House is stuck deep in a Trumpist morass.
Their vision’s obstructed: their heads up Trump’s ass.
The Speaker’s controlled by the Donald Trump grip,
Afraid to allow legislation to pass.

With the Speaker held fast in Donald Trump’s grip,
And no indication that Trump’s grip will slip,
We cannot expect any bills to be passed,
For fear of the sting of the Donald Trump whip.

Indeed, we have not seen a single bill passed,
Against which Trump stood with his usual bombast.
Republicans vote against bills they support.
So, fixing the border has gone nowhere fast.

To make people vote against bills they support,
As we have just seen in a recent report,
All Donald Trump does is just pick up the phone
To say to the Speaker, ‘You need to abort.”

Of course, Donald will not just pick up the phone;
He will rant and rave, such behavior well-known.
One dares not oppose him; his violent base
May lay Trump’s opponents beneath a tombstone.

One dares not oppose Trump, his violent base
Has shown by their actions in case after case,
That they believe Trump is their savior and king.
And they make this argument with a straight face.

With Donald Trump ruling as savior and king,
The Speaker is led around by a nose ring,
Until, as we see, his nose sticks in Trump’s ass.
A posture that puts his own ass in a sling.

His judgement besmirched by efflux from Trump’s ass,
The Speaker’s afraid to let any bills pass,
Lest he feel the sting of the Donald Trump whip,
Which puts all our congressmen at an impasse.