February 2, Donald’s Legal Septic Tank

Now Donald Trump is swimming in a legal septic tank,
A tank he filled with his own feces, just himself to thank.
Both civil suits and felonies are making quite a pile.
And civil suits and legal fees may empty Donald’s bank.

The charges range from business fraud to conduct simply vile,
Plus insurrection, stealing secrets, also in the file.
Conviction for the felonies may send Trump straight to jail.
And, this year we know he is facing trial after trial.

“A witch hunt! Witch hunt! Fake news! Fake news,” Donald’s daily wail.
If sniffed, the bovine fecal smell is clear, (best not inhale.)
It’s difficult to fathom the extent of Donald’s crime.
In Donald’s business coffin, what will be the final nail?

Is crime a fundamental part of Donald’s mesenchyme?
It seems he’s always been a fraud when we look back in time.
Trump was a crook and he still is. Why not, it’s Groundhog Day.
Mendacity and fraud are Donald’s basic paradigm.