February 13, Trump Base Voters

When we see what the GOP’s become,
Outside observers may be right to think,
That Donald Trump’s base voters are just dumb,
Or that their brains have been dissolved in drink.

When we hear what most Trumpists have to say,
The diagnosis, “stupid” may be right.
Could a Trump triumph now be on its way
Because Trump voters simply aren’t too bright?

It’s clear that Donald is a crook and fraud
And narcissism governs every thought.
Still, Trump and his base think that he’s a god.
Although it now looks like Trump has been caught.

He has been charged with crimes and has been sued.
And he is losing cases, right and left.
From suits by women he has rudely screwed,
Trump’s bank accounts may soon have no funds left.

And, when he’s tried for ninety counts of crime,
His problems may be more than money lost.
The verdicts may mean Donald must do time;
Which is much worse than just financial cost.

So, do our Trumpists want democracy?
Or monarch’s power wielded by a crook?
Do they like Putin’s gross malignancy?
And think that is a presidential look?

We must recall that Trump likes Vladimir.
And would tell Putin, “Go ahead, attack
“Our NATO allies.” Trump has made it clear
He’s fine with that if he gets power back.

It’s rich that Trump says NATO lands must pay,
As if they were delinquent on a loan,
Or he’ll let Putin blow them all away…
When Trump not paying bills is so well-known.

Do Trumpists all have rock-filled crania,
Accepting Donald’s craziness and lies,
His criminality and mania,
And think that record now deserves first prize?