February 19, President’s Day, 2024

Could Judge Engoron have emptied Trump’s till?
Engoron’s judgement just sent Trump a bill
For tax and banking and real estate fraud,
All his accounting was just a facade.

Trump has been averse to paying his bills,
But now he must swallow big, bitter pills
For fraud he committed throughout New York.
Is Donald done? The judge stuck in a fork.

If you owe such vast sums, then here’s the deal.
You must post a bond or you can’t appeal.
But Trump can’t apply for loans from a bank.
He’s banned for three years, with himself to thank.

Who do we know who might write Trump a check?
Whoever does so has him by the neck.
Putin and MBS both come to mind, (1)
But Trump would know he would be in a bind.

For these guys are killers, as they’ve both shown.
They don’t just make debtors wail, moan, and groan.
These guys will kill folks who just criticize.
To piss either off, has proven unwise.

Their history says they don’t mess around
For those who cheat them now rest underground.
But what can Trump do that these guys need done,
When not in office and under the gun?

It’s safer if Trump would just liquidate
And use the proceeds to pay back the State.
When he tries to cheat, New York won’t kill him;
With Putin, the odds he’d survive are slim.

(1) MBS: Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia