February 18, Engoron’s Judgement

Now Donald Trump is on the hook: four hundred fifty mil.
Then throw in E. Jean Carroll’s case: it’s over half a bil.
Engoron, in Trump’s fraud case, made it clear he didn’t buy
One word that Donald said when on the stand to testify.

And Donald’s business license in New York has just been yanked.
His sons and Donald’s companies have all been soundly spanked.
Will Donald hold a fire sale to raise money for his fine?
In Donald’s rant, post judgement, mostly all he did was whine.

Since Donald has big tsuris now, who might help bail him out? (1)
Will Saudis or the Russians drop some rain on Donald’s drought?
For, if no one steps up, he might dry up and blow away.
Poor Donald Trump, while still alive, has faced his Judgement Day.

Vlad Putin kills his rivals; MBS has done the same.
Now, both of them are puzzled at how our courts play the game.
Here, Donald Trump is subject to a court he can’t abort,
While MBS and Putin are immune to any court.

A part of Trump’s defense is the banality of fraud.
If bankers buy his statements, then, so what if they are flawed?

Trump falsifies loan applications but that’s no big deal.
His MAGAts still believe him. What the hell is his appeal?

And now Trump’s showing pictures, claiming his ass is not fat,
With height and weight as measured, (not just claimed) disproving that.
The evidence says Trump is fat and fraudulent: so, what?
He still attracts the MAGAts, who still kneel to kiss his butt.

The justice system’s trying to protect us from this man.
But, if Trump’s re-elected, he’ll ensure that no one can.
His Trumpists think that’s fine with them, because they won’t get hurt,
Believing only liberals will wind up beneath the dirt.

What they don’t understand is: anybody Trump can’t use,
Will soon become an object Donald thinks he can abuse.
Ask Rudy Giuliani, who fought faithfully for Trump.
Now Rudy isn’t useful, so Trump cast him on the dump.

So, how can Trump pay off his debt? Fleece donors one more time?
(Though doing that is basically continuing his crime.)
We’ll see if donors are tapped out when Donald asks for more.
For Trump, though, that is safer than becoming Putin’s whore.