February 13, 2021, Trump Guilty but Acquitted

February 13, Trump Guilty but Acquitted


In Donald Trump’s impeachment trial,

Republicans, with slimy guile,

Cast forty three votes to acquit.

Their reasoning was just bullshit.


Trump did not say what he had said,

Although five people were left dead.

And what he meant, he did not mean,

Though his words caused a deadly scene.


The right wing let Trump off the hook;

Instead, they should have thrown the book.

Although “Not Guilty,” was their vote,

Seven jumped off Donald’s boat.


Mike Pence, Trump’s leading sycophant,

Was treated like a potted plant.

Mike’s loyalty had earned him naught,

Although Trump knew Mike might be caught.


When rioters were chasing Pence,

Trump left Mike hanging in suspense.

The mob cried out to hang Mike’s ass;

Trump did no more that pass some gas.


So, Trump’s regard for his VP

Was as someone on whom to pee

Or, on whom he could smear doo doo.

Mike Pence, to Trump, was number two.


Then, once they had acquitted Trump,

Mitch rose to take a giant dump

And say that Donald really did

All he was charged with, God forbid.


Now, states and cities, it’s your turn;

To make the Donald’s hemorrhoids burn.

So, take a shot, indict his ass,

Though Senators gave him a pass.