February 15, Presidents’ Day

February 15, Presidents’ Day


Think of a game of basketball; Team A scored 81

And Team B’s score was 74; now I ask, who won?

Joe got 81 million votes, Trump just 74.

When all the votes were counted, Joe had 7 million more.


Two men shot 18 holes of golf; the first shot 81.

The second shot a 74; this time this score won.

In golf, the object is to come in with the lower score.

So 81’s a losing score because it’s 7 more.


Donald Trump’s a golfer; is that why he thinks he won?

74 million’s better than Joe Biden’s 81?

But this was an election; one wins with the higher count.

When all the votes were tallied, there were more in Joe’s account.


Electors in the College gave Joe 74 more.  (1)

So, once again, the Donald came in with the lower score.

Trump took his case to 60 courts and there he got shut out.

He did not win a single case; it was a total rout.


The Congress certified the votes, in spite of Donald’s mob

That stormed into the Capitol but Congress did their job.

The Senate let Trump off the hook for his seditious crime.

Mitch said, “He’s guilty but we’ll let him off just one more time.


So, what is Donald doing now?  He’s playing golf, of course

And thinking of new ways to cheat while out there on the course.

District Attorneys everywhere are sharpening their claws.

Grand Juries aren’t like Senators, forgiving broken laws.


  • The Electoral College vote was, Biden: 306, Trump: 232.