February 12, 2021 – Darwin Day

February 12, 2021


On 02-12-1809, a day both cold and gray,

Charles Darwin left his mother’s womb; today is his birthday.

And when he left his earthly life, his great discovery

Of evolution revolutionized biology.


He argued all life speciated through a simple scheme

Of variation, then selection: evolution’s theme.

A random process did it all; no “unseen hand” to prod.

The “unseen hand” interpreted by most of us as God.


First variation, then selection, finding the most fit,

The randomness implied still gives most clergymen a fit.

Through natural selection, all the species here on Earth,

Including man, evolved, so were we not of special worth?


Since 1859, all evidence proved Darwin’s case.

The evidence has shown a new reality to face.

We humans are just part of life, in all its majesty,

Related to all other forms, just one variety.