February 8, 2021-Impeachment update

February 8, 2021


Though evidence is crystal clear,

Republicans fear Donald’s base

And Senators don’t want to hear

The truth in Trump’s impeachment case.


A mob that Donald Trump provoked

Attacked the Congress while they met.

Now Trump’s free speech rights are invoked.

How cynical can people get?


Five people died; they killed a cop;

Trump watched the carnage on TV

And did not try to make them stop;

At least two hours, they rampaged free.


The mob was coming for Mike Pence;

Trump stirred them up then turned them loose.

Another hole in Trump’s defense:

For Mike Pence, Trump’s mob brought a noose.


They wanted to kill Nancy, too.

“Where’s Pelosi?” we heard them cry.

So Trump unleashed a vicious crew;

There’s evidence he can’t deny.


For Senators who kiss Trump’s ass

And hope his voters all observe,

True patriots must show their class

And vote them out, as they deserve.