Ode Inspired by Attorney, Bruce Castor, Jr.

Ode Inspired by Attorney, Bruce Castor, Jr. (1)


The scene: a little farming town, election coming soon.

The candidates were speaking on the courthouse steps at noon.

Elections were for mayor, sheriff, and the county board.

The crowd was not too large; most people feared they would be bored.


The local high school band came out and struggled through a song.

The mothers clapped; the fathers thought, “Come on, let’s move along.”

A local pastor said a prayer, then the first speaker rose.

If you’ve lived in a little town, then you know how it goes.


A farmer got there late and parked and joined the audience.

He listened but the speaker wasn’t making any sense.

He nudged a neighbor and asked, “What’s he talkin’ ‘bout today?”

The neighbor shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, he just don’t say.”


  • Former prosecutor, Bruce Castor Jr., one of ex-president Trump’s defense attorneys in his impeachment trial just couldn’t seem to get to the point in his presentation on February 9, 2021.