Donald at the Bat – Strike Three, Really?

Strike Three, Really?

The third debate arrived.  The candidates both took their place.
They had not shaken hands; Trump had a scowl upon his face.
The audience was warned: stay calm; don’t laugh or cheer or boo,
Admonishments they would not heed; it’s just too hard to do.

Though Donald started out OK, the room began to whirl
As it grew ever clearer he was losing to a girl.
When Donald threw at Clinton’s head, she deftly stepped aside.
When Hillary threw back at him, he could not run and hide.

First Clinton pointed out that Trump stiffed workers on their pay.
And Trump said, “What a nasty woman,” (unwise any day.)
For feminists arose as one: full cry from every throat—
“Misogyny! What trumpery!”—and nasty women vote!

The moderator asked, would Trump concede it if he lost.
His answer was he wouldn’t say, and there a line was crossed.
The umpires in the Press were shocked and all seemed to agree.
Trump’s spinners spun to no avail.  The Press all called, “Strike three!”