Donald at the Bat – Strike Three?

Strike Three?

The next few days saw GOP rats leave their sinking ship.
The Speaker cried, “Jump! Save yourselves! Don’t let your districts flip.”
Self interest spoke out loud and clear and said, “Now is the time
“To jettison the Donald and to shower off the slime.”

Republicans told mistresses, “Hey, honey, hold the calls
“And please delete our emails, or they’ll have me by the balls.
“Then we can get in touch again around November nine.
“Unless I lose and have to leave. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

Against the rats that left the ship, Trump went on the attack.
Paul Ryan and old John McCain, (he called a foul-mouthed hack.)
“Freed from the shackles” that had formerly kept him in line,
Trump promised total war against all opposition swine.

Support in polls would rise and fall like waves upon the sea.
Conservatives, Republicans, and Christians all could see
That Trump was none of the above—but they thought Clinton worse—
Because they shared antipathy for leaders with a purse?

While Clinton spoke on global warming and clean energy,
The Donald tweeted bitterly against the GOP.
And kept on swinging wildly although down by almost ten—
It’s hard to load the bases when your team is losing men.

When Trump says he will make us great, what does that future hold?
He says America will once more stand up brave and bold.
No need to keep our treaties; only losers play it straight.
To Trump a deal that’s signed and sealed reads, “Renegotiate.”

Repeal Obamacare; don’t let the Muslims immigrate.
Rebuild our military; it’s in such a sorry state.
So twenty million lose health care—that’s tough, we understand—
But Trump will keep us safe from all the Muslims he has banned.

So, Trump says he’ll cut taxes for the rich and middle class
And spend more for the military and kick ISIS’ ass?
We spend the most already; the next fourteen when combined
Don’t spend as much as we do; we have left them far behind.

With Hillary, the GOP, and Press all enemies,
And talk of jail and revolution making one’s blood freeze,
The Trump campaign limped forward, snarling like a wounded bear
With mounting loss of hope of winning, Trump seemed not to care.

And then the dam was broken as Trump gropees all weighed in.
A dozen said he peeked and kissed and groped, unlike most men.
(A dominant male chimpanzee commits the same offense.)
And though Trump said he’d sue for libel, truth is a defense.

And when Michelle Obama came in for her final pitch,
She asked how we should travel; take the high road? Or the ditch?
How should we treat our women? Should we use the Golden Rule,
Or grab their breasts and gawk at them like horny boys in school?

“You’re not a better man because your father made you rich.
“It’s not a better man who calls a woman, “pig” or “bitch.”
“You’re not a better man because you wear a silken coat.
“In fact, you’re not a man at all.” (And that was all she wrote.)

In contrast, Newt and Giuliani for the other side
Reminded us how often both of them and Trump have lied,
Condemning Willie for the things all three of them have done.
What is their credibility? The answer: they have none.

The Donald blew a fuse and charged a grand conspiracy
Of leftists, rightists, all the polls, the Press, just lunacy.
“They’re all corrupt; the game is fixed; believe me, I can’t lose,
“Unless the game is rigged by the elites, or maybe….Jews?”

His base was sticking by him; their support did not dissolve,
For nothing that he said or did would lessen their resolve.
And even Evangelicals, the white ones, to be sure,
Like Jerry Falwell Junior, slogged with Donald through the sewer.

For Clinton was a liberal and—this time—a woman, too.
And she erased some emails, (just like Trump) that’s clearly true.
Her work-related emails were subpoenaed, we all know
But not the private ones, which were deleted, records show.

When more assaulted women spoke; Trump charged the deck was stacked.
And WikiLeaks kept coming. (Why was only Clinton hacked?)
Why did the Russians seem to favor Donald Trump to win?
Were Putin and the Donald somehow kindred types of men?

Then some of Donald’s base supporters started to imply—
Some with a mumble, some a grumble, some, full-throated cry—
There’d be a revolution if their candidate should lose,
With mobs and guns and bloody riots nightly on the news.

Like Alexander Hamilton, some men would die in duels.
We’d go back to the Old West where the fastest six gun rules.
“Democracy be hanged! If our ideas cannot win,
“We’ll take back power with our guns, the way it’s always been.”

As Chairman Mao once pointed out: the barrel of a gun
Secures the power in politics, when all is said and done.
“So bankers, Muslims, Mexicans, and weak Republicans,
“Amendment Number Two speaks for all real Americans”

“It’s rigged! It’s rigged! Conspiracy!” was Donald’s daily charge,
As day by day the public watched the Clinton lead enlarge.
You can’t win an election telling tales of getting laid.
It takes a politician to know how the game is played.

You organize communities; get workers on the ground;
Inform yourself on world events; complexities abound.
Experience evading taxes and in Real Estate
Are not sufficient training to command the Ship of State.