Donald at the Bat – Foul Ball

Foul Ball

And then the day arrived; the next debate was close at hand.
The viewers gathered ’round their TV sets throughout the land.
New questions rose for Hillary from Russian email hacks.
For they revealed what she had said in talks to Goldman Sachs.

Of course, the Donald would be asked about those videos.
Would he bring up Bill Clinton’s past, one everybody knows?
With undecided voters questioning the candidates,
Nobody knew what to expect in town hall style debates.

So Donald started in with Willie’s sexual history,
Thus hoping he could stick Slick Willie’s past on Hillary.
Trump said that bragging in the “locker room” was all he did
But everybody knows of Marla Maples and their kid.

When Hillary was talking, Donald roamed with baleful stare
But Hillary was cool, almost as if he wasn’t there.
Then Donald made a statement that turned all the liberals pale.
He said that, if he won, then he’d put Hillary in jail.

“Hurrah!” cried Trump supporters, bloodlust in their throats and eyes,
(Such hatred springing from those seeking Hillary’s demise.)
Then Trump defended Russia, doubting blatant email hacks,
In spite of all intelligence on Russia’s hack attacks.

The post debate analysis showed Clinton won again.
And Trump had not increased support from what his base had been.
The game was not yet over. It was still a free for all.
No minds were changed. Though Clinton won, the Donald cried, “Foul ball!”