Donald at the Bat – Strike Two

Strike Two

Trump’s outlook grew much dimmer days before the next debate.
New video discovered: would it finally seal his fate?
The Donald was discussing women that he tried to screw.
And so, before the second pitch, the count advanced, “Strike two.”

The tension rose in days before they made their second pitch.
Was anything Trump said OK, since, after all, he’s rich?
Would women tolerate the crudeness Donald had expressed?
Or would they balk when looking at his character undressed?

Republicans supporting Trump (he was their nominee)
Now staggered to the bathroom, throwing up in misery.
What took so long? They all had known that Donald was a louse.
Did they now fear that they might lose the Senate and the House?

Were Trumpists as deplorable as Hillary had said?
Without them though, the pundits knew the GOP was dead.
For Nixon’s Southern Strategy, way back in ’68,
Had bagged a base of bigots, easy to manipulate.

Republicans in Lincoln’s time had ended slavery,
So “Dixiecrats” became the home of racist bigotry.
When Johnson got the Civil Rights and Voting Rights bills passed,
The bigots joined Republicans, with Lincoln’s ghost aghast.

The bigot base gave them control of House and Senate seats.
But then Barack Obama handed them two sharp defeats.
A black man as the President? The bigot base threw up
And nominated Trump and then the GOP blew up.

Republicans had never done a thing to help their base.
The base developed enmity for others in life’s race:
The Blacks and Asians, immigrants, Latinos, women, too.
America, once smooth cream sauce, was now a chunky stew.

As our “free market” drifts along toward oligopoly,
Some of the working class will suffer economically.
Free market evolution always, always concentrates
Both privilege and money upward. Power segregates.

Wealth distribution upward is a clear free market fact
And history says it’s no surprise when finally folks react.
Without redistribution back down to the middle class,
The disenfranchised may rise to bite rich folks in the ass.

The Donald understood this much; poor whites think they’ve been screwed.
He knew that he could profit if he stoked their fiery mood.
Republicans smeared Clinton thirty years with muddy goo.
But all opponents finally failed; the race was down to two.

Trump waded in the septic tank Republicans had dug
And won the nomination, but his program had a bug.
For as the race developed, Donald kept on getting stuck.
By daily saying hateful things to prove he was a schmuck.

The Donald liked mud wrestling although baseball was the game,
Two very different contests and the rules are not the same.
And though he tried to change the rules, he couldn’t turn the trick.
As Trump slogged in his sewage, he kept stepping on his dick.