Donald at the Bat

Election Chronicle 2016-2017

Strike One:

The outlook was uncertain in the Presidential race.
The Clinton lead was 2 to 4 but Trump was keeping pace.
The first debate was coming and both camps made clear their goals:
A positive reaction of the public in the polls.

While Clinton crammed her head with facts, the Donald snoozed in bed,
The certainty of ignorance filled Donald’s head instead.
While Clinton practiced questions daily in a mock debate,
The Donald had distracting dreams of women gaining weight.

First Trump demolished rivals, “Little Marco,” “Lyin’ Ted.”
But they were just Republicans. For this debate instead,
Forged in the fires of calumny, experienced and tough,
Now Hillary was honed and sharp to fight when things got rough.

There’s WikiLeaks and immigration, ISIS and Iraq.
Obama is a Kenyan? (Finally Trump took that one back.)
Abortion rights and tax evasion might be asked about.
Of course, there’s also Trump behaving like a sexist lout.

Trustworthiness of candidates was open to debate,
A question for both Hillary’s and Donald’s final fate.
Economize the truth like Clinton or just lie like Trump—
A nuance for the voters who’ll decide which one to dump.

All candidates prevaricate; none cannot tell a lie.
And even Honest Abe knew how to craft a sly reply.
Most politicians have regard for truth: some great, some small.
The Donald was unique in having no regard at all.

Now let’s digress a moment to define important terms
For lying and bullshitting are two different, deadly germs.
To lie means that you know, when checked, that what you said won’t pass.
Bullshitters don’t distinguish solids, liquids, even gas.

Is global warming just a hoax that China perpetrates?
Yes, that’s what Donald Trump asserts—but not what science states.
Vaccines do not make kids autistic, as the Donald claims.
(So parents who don’t vaccinate are playing risky games.)

While Hillary said she’d secure Obama’s legacy,
The Donald said he’d shake things up; “Believe me, you will see.”
While Hillary said, “Work together. That’s how we’ll succeed.”
The Donald said, “We’ll win again, and only I can lead.”

The day arrived; debate took place; attack and then defense.
Though Donald interrupted, he had trouble making sense.
Then Clinton noted Trump had said Miss Universe got fat
And Donald could not help himself and took a swing at that.

Trump tweeted accusations in the wee hours of the morn,
Called in to Fox to rant and rave and go on heaping scorn.
Miss Universe was interviewed. We heard from everyone.
When Donald finally stopped his rant, the Press all called, “Strike one.”