Donald Stays at Bat

Now, pissing off the Press is such a stupid game to play.
The Press reports the passing scene on every single day.
And prudent folks would have respect for what they say and write,
So they are not ideal opponents one should choose to fight.

Depression plagued Republicans: the Democrats were cheered.
The third debate was over and the room was being cleared.
The post debate analysis: as usual Clinton won.
She kicked the rump of Donald Trump; he looked like he was done.

Then new emails (from Hillary? They never go away)
Were found on Weiner’s laptop on a late October day,
Significance uncertain but the Donald jumped for joy.
Could this be resurrection breathing new life in our boy?

The Russians and the FBI were now both weighing in.
Were WikiLeaks and Weiner leaks both dumped to help Trump win?
Unprecedented interference, foreign and onshore—
Were Donald Trump and Russians working in cahoots before?

Then Donald taunted Katy Tur of MSNBC
And stirred his crowds to point and shout in frank hostility.
But all reporters ever did was tell what Trump had said.
(If  your own words offend you, choose some other words, instead.)

“The FBI is re-investigating Clinton’s mail,”
So Donald told his voters, “Now this means she’ll go to jail.”
“There’ll soon be an indictment; Fox News said they had a source.”
Though Fox News soon retracted, Trump kept saying it, of course.

Then Comey of the FBI said they’d found nothing more,
No prosecution or indictment, as he’d said before.
“That’s just what I predicted,” Donald Trump said with a growl.
But was the damage done?  Yes, “Lock her up!” his faithful howl.

And then came the election day and, Oh! My God! Trump won!
The Democrats went into shock and cried, “What have we done?”
Though Clinton’s vote was larger, Trump’s vote was enough to win,
The cities, blacks, and women lost to working class, white men.

The cities are where Democrats and liberals all abide
And more folks live in cities than live in the countryside.
So city voters often give the Democrats a win,
Except when huge returns from country folks come pouring in.

The city folks all understand we have to get along.
But country folks, more independent, sing a different song.
Elections always pit these two opposing, inborn views,
Which often gets ignored by those reporting nightly news.

The College of Electors is a fossil from a past
Elitist institution, which is why it shouldn’t last.
With big states undervalued, rural voters dominate.
Though Clinton won more votes, it’s Trump who gets to celebrate.

The number of Electors for which candidates all strive
Allot Wyoming three and California fifty five.
But population now means California should get more,
In fact, almost two hundred, which makes Californians sore.

So, if we changed the rules and really had one man–one vote,
Then cities rule the country, not as Hamilton once wrote;
Electors were supposed to understand skullduggery
And keep a man of “low intrigue” from fooling peasantry.

But if Electors have been pledged to winners in each state,
Their independent judgment will no longer operate.
So what Electors do is give the rural states control
And disenfranchise city folks.  Is that a worthy goal?

So, once again a candidate with fewer total votes
Has been elected President.  It’s Donald Trump that gloats.
He made a lot of promises that we know he can’t keep
And won in spite of bragging that he was a sexist creep.