Donald at the Bat – Days 422, 423

Days 422 and 423

Vindictiveness and politics: Andrew McCabe was fired.

Jeff Sessions, saving his own ass, is now more deeply mired

In excrement from Trump’s White House, immersed up to his ears.

It’s tough when you’re performing and there’s only one who cheers.


McCabe’s sin was corroborating what James Comey said

About what Donald asked of him.  McCabe’s career was dead.

They forced him to retire, then Trump thought he would twist the knife.

The firing costs McCabe his pension.  He’ll be broke for life.


Just what was Donald doing when he gave the knife a twist?

He’s telling everybody what he’ll do when he is pissed.

The Donald will destroy your life.  You must give loyalty.

And, if you write a book, he’ll sue you for your royalty.


Has Donald opened up a can of worms, firing McCabe?

Likewise by suing (with his alias) the porn star babe.

Vindictiveness and concupiscence, Donald’s qualities,

Suggest supporting Donald is an ethical disease.


McCabe made notes of each time he spoke with the President.

He gave these notes to Mueller.  Bob knows how these meetings went.

He knows the history of Trump’s pressure and vindictiveness.

Now, how will Donald look when these are published in the Press?


The Tweeter is back at it, rather clearly signalling

His strategy for Mueller and the Stormy diddling.

For suing, lying, and denying are what Donald does.

Like tweeting, “NO COLLUSION,” which, of course means that there was.


The Donald charges Mueller’s team is “hardened” Democrats.

So, Mueller, Comey, and McCabe, Republicans, are rats?

Trump thinks if you’re not biased for him, then you can’t be fair.

So what is Donald planning to get Mueller out of there?


Jeff Sessions’ nose is stinky brown because he fired McCabe.

A fine old Alabamian, Jeff is no Honest Abe.

Because he lied to Congress about Russia, he’s recused.

When Trump says, “Someone fire Bob Mueller,” Sessions is excused.


Republicans in Congress all tell Donald, “Don’t fire Bob,

“If you do that, it won’t be long ‘til you’re out of a job.

“For that’s obstruction and that’s an impeachable offense.

“Your motive then will be quite clear and you’ll have no defense.”


Both Stormy and Vlad Putin have Trump in a two front war,

Greek tragedy of lust for sex and power he fell for.

We know that God has given Man a penis and a brain,

Too little blood to run them both, an old and sad refrain. (1)


Meanwhile, in Moscow…

Vlad Putin won his fourth term as the Russian President.

It wasn’t an election, really just a staged event.

All credible opponents all in jail, but what the hell,

Let’s see if Donald sends a tweet to wish his buddy well.


  1. Modified from Robin Williams, “God gave Man a penis and a brain but only enough blood to run one at a time.”