Donald at the Bat – Day 421

Day 421

Was Stormy Daniels threatened as her lawyer charged today?

Though he have no specifics, there’ll be more than cash to pay.

The implication is Trump’s fixers threatened she’ll get thumped

Unless she shuts her mouth about when she and Donald humped.


Now, six more women have come forth to say they also screwed

With Donald just like Stormy did; he’s always in the mood.

That makes about two dozen we have in the current count.

So, sometime we must ask ourselves, “How many did he mount?”


Is Donald out of mulligans?  We know part of the point

Of voting for the Donald was the judges he’d appoint.

There still are lots of vacancies for judges from the right,

So maybe “Christians” still back Trump but just with half their might.


So, what is shaking at the White House?  Everybody’s knees.

McMaster, Carson, and Mulvaney, all three feel the breeze.

An ill wind blowing from the Oval fills their minds with doubt.

Incompetence or competence.  Both might get them blown out.


And now we’ve learned the Russians also hacked our power grid.

So, add that to election hacking which we know they did.

And this is simply warfare in an ultra-modern form.

How long will it be ‘til our leaders recognize the storm?


Vlad Putin, so far, pays no price for cyber warfare crime.

Election hacking, power grids, he hasn’t paid a dime.

He murders people, both in Russia, everywhere abroad,

Then looks at us and says, “So what?”  And he has Donald awed.


Andrew McCabe has just been fired (retirement in two days.)

Did Trump and Sessions think about the issues that they raise?

At first glance, Andrew’s firing looks like vengeance.  Trump is mad.

McCabe backed up James Comey in the fight with Trump he had.


And Trump is suing Stormy for some twenty million bucks.

His name is on the lawsuit and his alias (both schmucks.)

That means that Trump’s admitting their affair, the damage done.

So now he wants to punish her–but she’s already won.


Trump’s trying to intimidate McCabe and the porn star

And anyone who might cross Trump, no matter who they are.

We’ll have to see how both play out.  Will Trump survive again?

Both bullying and vengeance: a Presidential sin.