Donald at the Bat – Day 420

Day 420

Today Mnuchin said that they’d comply with sanctions law.

They picked rich Russians from a list in Forbes somebody saw

And said we’d punish them, exactly how is not too clear.

But Donald is complying with the law he holds so dear.


The Donald’s love affair with Russia isn’t over yet.

Because we’re great again, Trump tells us no one needs to fret.

But we are learning day by day, the Russians still attack.

Besides elections, power grids: it’s war; will we fight back?


Trump gave a talk in LA for rich donors yesterday.

As usual he spoke off the cuff, creating more dismay.

He said he lied to Canada’s PM when they last spoke,

A non-existent deficit in trade—to Trump a joke.


Trump made it clear he did not care if he were right or wrong.

He just asserted he was right, an old familiar song.

We looked: we have a surplus but Trump still won’t change his tune

And thereby showed that truth to Trump is something picayune.


And here is something crazier: Canadians have said

That conversation with Trudeau may just be in Trump’s head.

For, no one there remembers it and that just horrifies.

Since that implies that Donald also lies about his lies.


Bob Mueller has subpoenaed Donald’s businesses this time

For documents concerning Russia, any slime or crime.

So now Bob’s in Trump Tower and the White House, poking ‘round.

It’s looking more and more like Trump might be impeachment bound.


The problem Donald has is he is not an honest man.

When coupled with his narcissism, nobody can plan

For anything he says or does, there’s too much to revise.

And now we’ve learned that Donald Trump cares nothing for his lies.