Donald at the Bat – Day 419

Day 419

Our students walk out everywhere to draw attention to

The fact that they’re not safe in school.  Lawmakers will not do

Their duty and pass gun controls.  They fear the NRA

But students don’t.  We’ll hear from them again election day.


Our eighteen year olds all can vote and they’re too young to die.

So far, the NRA has turned a deaf ear to their cry.

But legislators need their votes to keep their jobs intact.

Could fear of eighteen year old voting finally make them act?


The President tells us he doesn’t fear the NRA

But, so far, he’s done nothing that opposes what they say.

For, Donald is all bluster (not on tax cuts for the rich,)

He talks tough, carrying no stick, and wearing not a stitch.


In Pennsylvania, Conor Lamb, the Democrat just won

A seat in Congress to replace a failed Republican,

Who had resigned because he asked his mistress to abort

The fetus she conceived, something he claimed not to support.


The race was close.  it was a district Trump had won before

By twenty points.  The GOP thought they should wipe the floor

With any Democrat although their candidate, Saccone,

Was just a right wing screwball with deficiencies well known.


Though Donald came to campaign, Saccone’s flaws were too severe

And Lamb was young, good-looking, smart, and known to be sincere.

He won by just six hundred votes (two hundred thousand cast.)

He made up twenty points on Trump.  The right wing is aghast.


And Donald Trump, the narcissist, said that he helped Saccone close.

Paul Ryan, the invertebrate, said everybody knows

That Conor Lamb was way ahead ‘til Donald got involved.

Of course, that’s not what polling showed, but Donald is absolved.


Now Trump’s restocking, putting Larry Kudlow in for Cohn.

And Kudlow likes tax cuts, free markets, views are all well-known.

Although Trump seems to want yes-men, will Larry fill the bill?

Most commentators doubt it; that would be a bitter pill.