Donald at the Bat – Day 418

Day 418

The outlook is uncertain when you’re serving Donald Trump.

Rex Tillerson’s the latest to be taken to the dump.

No warning and no consultation, all caught unaware

But Rex is in a better place.  We hope he’s happy there.


Did Tillerson do himself in by taking Britain’s side

In Russia’s poisoning in Britain?  (Now one more has died.)

For Trump has not condemned the Russians, though Theresa May

Was clear that Russia did it, Trump has not had much to say.


Pompeo was selected.  He’ll move from the CIA.

His deputy replaces him, first woman, by the way.

With North Korea looming, both the CIA and State

Have most unpleasant dinner entrees piled high on each plate.


Pompeo would seem qualified: West Point and Harvard Law.

Great student with three terms in Congress: right wing, hip hurrah!

He’s smarter than the President.  How long will he bow down?

It’s not an idle question.  Look how many have left town.


And Gina Haspel, new CIA chief, grew up inside.

She knows the ropes.  Pompeo didn’t. She won’t need a guide.

There’s just one problem, she has tortured, but that’s in the past.

She ran a black site, now illegal.  We’ll see if she’s passed.


A last, sad joke, may be on David Shulkin and VA.

He’s probably on his way out and in the usual way,

For travel impropriety, poor budget management.

Rick Perry as the new Chief?  Many are more competent.


Near San Diego, model walls were visited by Trump.

They have to be see through, so high pole vaulters cannot jump.

Were these criteria, like see through, clear right at the start?

And now, will all the solid models be used just for art?


The Democrats of house Intel released their own report,

Objecting to Nunes’ decision it’s time to abort.

They say, in spite of Nunes, there’s a lot more they should do.

They’ve been stonewalled and lied to.  There are more to interview.