Donald at the Bat – Day 417

Day 417

As pundits all prognosticate on Donald’s talks with Kim,

Consensus is condensing around this likelihood; it’s slim.

We do not know exactly what Kim said.  That’s key.

We know that Trump did not think much when he said, “I agree.”


For, just to have the talks at all is victory for Kim.

It means the whole world and the USA are telling him

He is a major player.  It’s his bomb that got him there.

So he’ll still want to tell us, “Hey, I’ve got the bomb.  Beware.”


Since none of Trump’s advisers is an “old Korean hand,”  (1)

He will not be too well-prepared, as all such talks demand.

He does not study, does not read, relies upon his gut.

He should remember what his gut makes comes out of his butt.


And, on his other side, an organ drains blood from his brain.

It is an organ Trump has never managed to retrain.

Poor study habits, concupiscence, will do Donald in.

Of course there’s Robert Mueller keeping Trump in his tailspin.


The Brits have just concluded that the Russians put a hit

On someone, an ex-spy, they poisoned.  Britain can’t permit

Attacks like this on British soil, almost an act of war.

Theresa May told Putin, “You won’t do this anymore.”


But Trump, of course, said nothing.  Vladimir can do no wrong.

So far, whatever Putin does, Trump always goes along.

It’s getting damn suspicious.  Donald seems afraid of Vlad.

He’s so pro Putin, one would think Trump’s taken out an ad.


Vulgarity, re-softening on guns, plus porn star trysts:

How long can Donald Trump hang on to his evangelists?

They got their right wing Justice Gorsuch, and have their tax cut.

So how long will his minions swallow what flows from his gut?


It’s fun to hear Trump curse the Press and say, “son of a bitch.”

On guns, what he has said is best described as bait and switch.

His lust for porn stars shows his appetite for sex is crass.

A hundred thirty grand is not a good deal for some ass.


The Education Secretary, that’s Betsy DeVos,

Appeared on 60 Minutes, was completely at a loss

Explaining student scores collapsing when she took away their funds.

Her ignorance, amazing, an incompetence that stuns.


And Devin Nunes struck again, announcing House Intel

Concluded its investigation, nothing much to tell.

There’s no collusion, no obstruction, of some interest though,

The Democrats were not informed that’s what their findings show.

  1. modified from the term, “old China hand,” a term that arose in the 19th century to describe westerners who had lived in and studied China and therefore were highly prized as government advisers.