Donald at the Bat – Days 415, 416

Days 415, 416

The NRA is suing Florida for their new law.

To raise the age of buying AR 15s, runs them raw.

For they want no restrictions; let teenagers buy a gun.

The Constitution says so.  We want guns for everyone.


Mass shootings, the American disease, don’t bother them.

If you don’t like mass shootings, go to church and sing a hymn.

And then go to a gun show, buy a gun and shoot bad guys.

They’re liberals and Democrats: not hard to recognize.


And maybe shoot teenagers.  They don’t fear the NRA.

For, when they grow up, they’ll be voters, taking rights away.

Their lives: our guns, we know which one weighs heavy on our scale.

Gun genes were in our fathers’ sperm.  They are our Holy Grail.


Trump went to Pennsylvania, back on the campaign trail.

He praised himself as usual.  Can he still make the sale?

Campaigning for a seat in Congress, he’s for Rick Saccone.

So coal and tariffs, steel and jobs: Trump’s done this all alone.


If you were recently awake, you’ve heard this all before,

For Donald gets his energy when he hears the crowd roar.

The Market’s up and jobs are up and Donald did it all.

Big business types like his tax breaks.  Now let’s watch the long haul.


The President aims his appeal at folks who think they’re screwed

By foreigners and automation.  There’s an ugly mood.

Can Donald bring the past back to them?  He tells them he can.

The problem is, time flows on by, not bowing to one man.