Donald at the Bat – Day 414

Day 414

On Thursday it was Women’s Day with Stormy in the news.

Is Donald now regretful of the women that he screws?

For Stormy is implying she has pics of Donald nude,

Which leaves the public asking, “Who’s the next who will get screwed?”


The jobs report was excellent but it was Donald’s dick

That dominated news.  He should have known that we would pick

The porn star and the President, not “cabbages and kings,”

Nor, “shoes and ships and sealing wax.”  We love salacious things. (1)


Kim ordered up a dozen pics to set next to his own.

And when we see them side by side, which of these two will groan,

“Oh, it was cold; I didn’t know there’d be photography.

“Besides I won in arbitration, so that isn’t me.”


And now we’ve learned that Michael Cohen used Trump Org email

When setting up the Stormy deal.  That spices up the tale

And makes it clearer Mike was acting on behalf of Trump.

Now, is the Donald thinking, “That was one expensive hump?”


A hundred thirty thousand bucks and this time Donald paid.

He usually cheats contractors, although after he gets laid,

Then he will pay his bill in full.  Is that what Putin’s got?

The film that’s in the Dossier?  Oh, what hath Donald wrought?


The other question is: exactly what will Donald do

Before or when he meets with Kim?  Are there concessions due?

If so, by whom and what and what’s the possibility

Their meeting really might reduce the bellicosity?


Sam Nunberg ended his bravado and has testified,

In full to Bob’s Grand Jury, where he’s not allowed to hide

The dirt he knows on Trump and Stone which he must now reveal.

Bob has Sam’s privates in a vise and that made Nunberg squeal.


  1. Adapted from “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” by Lewis Carroll