Donald at the Bat – Day 413

Day 413

With immigration, tariffs, Stormy Daniels on his mind,

Advisers leaving, flipping, there’s no peace for Trump to find.

His tariff plan, Republicans all tell him to abort.

The next time he sees Stormy, it won’t be in bed, but court.


The Californians fight him over random raids by ICE.

Their lawyers are all very smart; he’s left with Jeff, how nice.

The markets all went down on “Gary Cohn is leaving,” news.

You can’t run the economy if you don’t have some Jews. (1)


It’s been revealed that Donald Trump has made a huge, “no, no.”

He’s talking to the Mueller witnesses.  Trump wants to know

Just what they know and what they said in Bob’s Grand Jury room.

Could this be witness tampering?  Might Mueller go, “Ka-boom?”


The President announced his tariffs, then forgot to sign.

But then he came back and he signed right on the dotted line.

Sinc he has been in office, his name’s bigger every time

He puts his pen to paper.  When Trump signs it is Showtime!


A South Korean diplomat brought good news here today.

This evening at the White House, he gave us a big bouquet

From Kim Jong Un, who’s ready to denuclearize now

And meet with Trump, perhaps in May, a one on one pow wow.


The diplomat did not take questions, kept it short and sweet.

He didn’t say what Kim might want.  Start with a meet and greet.

And then start trading horses like, “I’ll give you this for that.”

Could these talks yield a treaty?  Peace? Kim won’t be a doormat.


And, how are we to hammer out details, staffed as we are?

We don’t have an ambassador and that is just bizarre.

There’s no ambassador in Pyongyang, nor down south in Seoul.

Without a team to play the game, how can we score a goal?


  1. Adapted from, “You can’t make it on Broadway if you don’t have any Jews,” show stopping number in Monty Python’s 2005 Broadway hit, “Spamalot.”