Donald at the Bat – Day 412

Day 412

The DOJ is suing states on immigration law.

It’s California’s opposition sticking in Jeff’s craw.

He wants to deport everyone for any sort of crime

But California won’t tell him who they have doing time.


“It’s just because they’re bigots and we’re blue that makes them sue.”

If you know Jeff and Donald, California’s charge is true.

ICE doesn’t just seek criminals; they come for everyone.

So, if your skin is brown and you see ICE, you’d better run.


They’re mostly after Mexicans, that bigots love to hate,

With millions there in California, most in any state.

And Dreamer kids, though once protected, may now have to go.

Trump let Obama’s DACA lapse.  (Barack was black, you know.)


So, who will win the lawsuit?  California? DOJ?

The Feds make immigration law but states will get their say.

States argue that communities won’t work with the police

If they’re afraid that cops mean ICE, then safety will decrease.


And Mueller tells us an adviser to the UAE

Is now cooperating, telling of his memory

Of meetings in the Seychelles, Erik Prinz, some Russian guy—-

Was some back channel being set up?  And, if so, then why?


The Market did not like the news that Gary Cohn is gone.

It slid down one percent, as one more grownup has moved on.

And, though Trump tells us otherwise, replacement will be tough.

The President likes chaos.  Most smart folks have had enough.


And Sarah Sanders ducked and blocked on Stormy Daniels’ suit.

She said she’d answered this before.  (Though she spoke, she stayed mute.)

She said Trump had denied it all, did not know Cohen paid

For silence from the “ladies” and the porn stars Donald laid.


Then Sarah turned about face on the story she had spun.

She said that Trump denied it all then said that he had won

In arbitration over whether Stormy could reveal

How she and Donald diddled and he paid her not to squeal.


Now Kim Jong Un told South Korea, he would talk with us.

And Trump said it’s because of “Me,” they’re willing to discuss

Denuclearization, but of course Kim must remain.

If he negotiates with us, will Kim be more humane?


And last, Trump says he likes the conflict, watching his staff fight.

So people leaving his White House are not a cause for fright.

And that goes double for trade wars, or nuclear, in fact.

So he’ll punch back at anyone…except when Putin hacked.