Donald at the Bat – Day 411

Day 411

The Donald’s tariff proposition has made quite a stink.

Most everyone (some sycophants) are begging him, “Rethink.”

But Donald’s firm, although his statements, in a fit of pique,

Were not well-thought-out, they don’t have to be, so let them reek.


Trade deficits, Trump helped create by buying Chinese steel

And making shirts and ties in China, make the Donald feel

He understands the problem well, since he’s part of the source.

So, he’ll go after Canada and Mexico, of course.


Trump says we have trade deficits with nearly everyone,

The one he helped the Chinese with, by far the biggest one.

So he’ll disrupt all world-wide trade until he gets his way,

Then, when we’ve made new deals, he’ll play his Trump card; we won’t pay.


Trump makes decisions based on “facts,” he thinks he heard somewhere.

Trade deficits with everyone?  Some are not really there.

But, like Louis XIV, Donald thinks, “L’etat c’est moi.”  (1)

But no, the state is, “We, the people;” not Trump, the bourgeois.


Alarms are sounding; horns are blowing; Gary Cohn will quit.

Chief Economic Guru, Gary Cohn is no nitwit.

We’ll see how markets treat this news.  Financial folks like him.

Through Charlottesville, Cohn had stayed on.  Now things are just too grim.


Is this more chaos at the white House, Trump has tweeted, “No.”

Trump says, with such high energy, that’s just how things will go.

He says that everybody wants to work in his West Wing.

(Until they figure out their boss believes that he’s a king.)


Primary season is upon us.  Texas votes tonight.

The Democrats are all fired up and itching for a fight.

The turnout for Republicans is better in off years.

Is that about to change?  Right now that is how it appears.


So Cohn is leaving; Dems are voting; Stormy may speak up.

All three at once and none of these is just a small hiccup.

It’s chaos theory, energy that turns to entropy,

The style of Donald’s management: disaster recipe.

  1. “I am the state.”  Louis XIV, 1638-1715, King of France.