Donald at the Bat – Day 410

Day 410

The jaws of Robert Mueller have clamped on Sam Nunberg’s ‘nads.

He was an aide in Trump’s campaign.  Bob thinks that Sam can add

More information with  his email strings: to whom and when,

Since Sam has said Trump might have done a thing or two back then.


Bob Mueller has subpoenaed all of Nunberg’s emails now.

Sam says he won’t comply with Mueller.  Pundits all say, “Wow!”

He’s risking jail time for contempt.  (He left the door ajar.)

By hinting what Trump might have done.  Says Mueller: “Cookie jar!”


Does Nunberg fear fine fecal spray when his shit hits the fan?

Will he see Roger Stone, his mentor screwed by some G man?

Will Sam tell Bob that his Grand Jury all can go to hell?

A lot of lawyers have told Sam that cannot work out well.


Chris Steele, the British spy who’s famous for his Dossier,

Has written that the Russians interfered another way.

To head the State Department, Trump had Romney on his mind

But Putin vetoed Donald’s choice.  How are these two entwined?