Donald at the Bat – Days 408, 409

Days 408, 409

Some questions are emerging as Trump’s crew abandons ship

And ever more “indictees” tell Bob Mueller they will flip.

Can Trump recruit new sailors to help crew the Ship of State?

His first crews were not very good.  Now could it be too late?


Spokespersons: Spicer, Sanders, found they had to tell some lies

And Hope hicks told us that she lied, then quit, to Trump’s surprise.

She was communications chief.  Now who will take the rap?

Smart money is now on the nose of Ms. Mercedes Schlapp.


Her husband, that’s Matt Schlapp, conservative apologist,

Can get the inside poop from her, he hopes might help him twist

The crazy things Trump says to something someone might believe.

His task is futile; it’s like scooping water with a sieve.


And if “Javanka” has to go, then Trump will be bereft.

He’ll still have General Kelly but there’ll be no family left.

If they have been a force to steady Donald when he broods,

What raging storms might we expect from Trump’s undampened moods?


When Putin’s new ballistic missiles were unveiled, Trump said

Not one word but went after Alec Baldwin’s work instead.

Trump blusters with bravado should Kim Jong Un launch and strut

But Putin threatens all the world: Trump keeps his tweeter shut.


For what has “Alex” Baldwin done?  (That’s how Trump spelled his name.)

On Saturdays, on SNL, when Baldwin takes dead aim,

Impersonating Donald Trump, all played for laughs, you bet,

Trump cannot stand the satire.  Putin, Baldwin, who’s the threat?


The President, last night, went to a dinner with the Press,

The Gridiron Club, to give a funny speech in formal dress.

Consensus was: some jokes were good but then he went off script

And rambled, lost the audience: loose lips he should have zipped.


It’s not since Richard Nixon that we’ve had to think about

The President’s stability, substantially in doubt.

Incompetence and immorality, we’ve seen before

But not chaotic craziness, with prospects for much more.


Dishonesty we’ve seen before but several lies a day?

And, narcissism, sure, lots of the famous act that way.

Deep ignorance, lack of concern for what he does not know,

All wrapped in gold wallpaper, tied up with an orange bow.


A staff that has to lie for you, like Sanders (and Mike Pence.)

Does Christian faith assure forgiveness for this slight offense?

And criminal investigations for election fraud

And chutzpah to demand from all of us, that we applaud.