Donald at the Bat – Day 407

Day 407

The Market’s down again today; it first fell yesterday

When Trump announced his tariffs and pundits said, “Oy weh!”

For that will start a trade war which Trump tells us we can win.

He says it will be easy.  Whoa! What world’s he living in?


Trump says he wants to punish China since they’re “dumping” steel.

But prices will rise everywhere, which all of us will feel.

Since Trump bailed out of TPP, they are not backing us.

Once more, the poor and middle class get shoved beneath the bus.


More money in their paychecks but, with prices on the rise,

Inflation means they’ll get “behinder,” which is no surprise.

So, how will tax cuts for the middle class look in a year?

In cans made of aluminum, up goes the price of beer.


Another problem: Trump announced without expert review.

He seems surprised the Market’s down but that is not voodoo.

Advisers told him for months now, there would be hell to pay.

Trump, pissed at Mueller, Sessions, Kushner, did it anyway.


But we’ve been to this dance before: a statement—then changed mind.

So, who knows what he’ll finally do, for Trump is not confined

By concepts like consistency or carefully laid plans.

It’s chaos theory that describes Trump, even to his fans.


This finding gives one more example of cause for concern.

“Concern” is just not strong enough; I really mean heartburn.

The next time Donald gets pissed off and really throws a fit,

Might it be nuclear next time, not just a tariff snit?